在能源行业工作是一个激动人心的时刻,尤其是在皇冠现金盘公司! With our commitment to our customers, communities and shared future of clean energy, our employees are at the core of providing reliable, innovative service across southern Idaho and eastern Oregon. Join us!


Our Values

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Safety First


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Integrity Always


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Respect for All


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Health Benefits

  • We offer extensive medical, 牙科和视力保险从工作第一个完整月的第一天开始.
  • 我们为全职员工提供适合任何生活方式的健康福利和基本人寿保险,不收取额外费用.
  • We want our employees to stay well, so we offer 100% preventative care coverage, convenient at-work flu shots and blood draws, and more.

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Work-life Balance

  • 我们都很珍惜远离工作的时间,并鼓励我们的员工尽可能多地休息. Whether it’s flexible schedules, hybrid office/work from home days, or paid days off, 我们为员工提供管理忙碌生活所需的工具.
  • 新员工在头五年里每年有17天的弹性假期, plus eight paid holidays and four floating holidays.
  • 每多工作五年,可休假的时间就会增加.

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  • 我们公司支付的养老金计划(终身退休收入)只是我们的总奖励帮助员工为退休建立财务保障的方式之一.
  • The pension is in addition to the company match to 401(k) plans, 雇员在工作五年后就可以全额享受养老金. Plus, it grows with additional years of service! It’s long been our way to say thank you for all they do for us.

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At Idaho Power, 我们致力于创造一个包容的环境,让所有人都受到重视, respected and given equal consideration for our contributions. 我们相信,作为一家成功的公司,我们必须能够创新和适应, 这只有在我们寻找和重视不同的背景时才会发生, opinions and perspectives. Our collaborative environment thrives when we are engaged, feel we belong and are empowered to do our best work.


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A group of Idaho Power employees at the Heart Walk.

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Living Here

我们的员工在爱达荷州南部和俄勒冈州东部一些最美丽、最崎岖的角落生活和工作, including the thriving capital city of Boise.

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Clean Today

We’ve been serving our customers with clean, reliable hydropower from the Snake River for over 100 years. 今天,我们在这一传统的基础上继续努力,争取到2045年提供100%的清洁能源.

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We’d love to hear from you! To inquire about current openings, our hiring process or working at Idaho Power, you can reach us by email or phone.

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